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Markets and Economic Forecast

Gain key insights into strategic thinking and forecast to reduce risk in your portfolios from
Tom Galvin, CIO of City National Rochdale. Knowledge is power!

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Managing Your Lifestyle 

Want to learn 3 small changes that can potentially add a significant financial impact over your lifetime
towards your retirement?  Learn the key elements needed to achieve your goals for today and into tomorrow.
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End 2020 Strong & Start 2021 Powerfully!

Yes, 2020 has been a bizarre year... AND you don't need to be worried about your finances on top of everything else. This master class will teach you what we learned from 2020 and 5 things you can do to start 2021 right so you can go on living your happy, healthy, abundant life. I'll give you my tried and true tips so that you can go to sleep at night peacefully, knowing you've made great decisions for your financial future. I've been doing this long enough (and through many presidential terms) to know there are cycles and patterns. The media likes to play to your fears. I want to show you what is possible.

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Big Life Shifts
In a time of big life shifts, the last thing you want to think about are documents, calling specialists, and anything unrelated to JUST being with your loved ones. Do you know the vital documents and the actions necessary to provide your family with a smooth transition should you become ill or pass away? Come learn the financial and legal benefits of Estate Planning with this great duo - Bill and Roxanne Blade. We will make it easy to understand and not heavy... PROMISE!