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<b>Hi, I am Roxanne Blade and it is my mission to&#8230;</b>

Hi, I am Roxanne Blade and it is my mission to…

create an environment where you can become confident through financial education and take control of your finances to establish a sense of balance and independence in your financial future.

Let me take you back to how I grew up. 

I grew up in a home where it was either feast or famine. We would go on vacation for a month at a time, but some months it was difficult to pay the electric bill. 

I eventually went to college and met my husband and his family. Their spending habits were extremely different. Their idea of a vacation was limited to driving up to Ohio to visit family and Disney World every now and then. 

The result of molding these two origins together created a more balanced life. It was our mission to create a life where we could go on vacation but still save for college, go out to dinner but have an emergency fund, or even chose to send our kids to private school but still save for retirement.

This experience helped me focus my financial planning practice to helping you find balance in your life.

Additional Experience That Matters

We have deep exposure and experience working in estate planning and real estate. We are always focused on proper positioning of our clients’ assets for the process of proper planning and wealth transfer.

When you are receptive to financial education, setting priorities, and taking control of your finances, Blade Financial Services is a great place to help establish a sense of balance and independence in your financial affairs.

At our firm, we have you—and only you—in mind.

Whether you are experienced in the world of financial matters or just starting to build your portfolio, Blade Financial Services can help you every step of the way.

As a mother, daughter, wife, and friend, I understand the many roles we play and daily tasks we accomplish such as attending to children’s needs, caring for elderly parents, and making time for friends and loved ones. Add to all of these responsibilities the difficulty of managing the household finances and there’s no wonder that making decisions for the family’s financial future can be overwhelming.

As a financial professional, I have witnessed these challenges and have seen my clients get past the worry, confusion, and fear that comes with all of their financial responsibilities.

Therefore, my true value as your Financial Professional is being there to be your sounding board, to answer your questions, and provide the tools to help you make more educated financial decisions.

My Credentials

Roxanne Blade, CFP®

CEO and Founder


Roxanne Blade, CEO and founder of Blade Financial Services, LLC has been in the financial service industry for over 20 years. She accomplished the stringent requirements of the Certified Financial Planner board to receive her designation as a CFP® in 1996. This included an extensive two year program and exam in all the areas of financial planning. She has completed state insurance licenses in the areas of life, health, and variable annuities. She is also registered as an Investment Advisor Representative of Securities America Advisors, Inc. These licenses, training, and continuing education requirements gives her the ability to provide her clients an array of services to fulfill their needs based on their goals.

On a personal level, Roxanne mostly prides herself on being a wife to William P. Blade, a local real estate and estate planning attorney and mother of three children: Kaitlyn, Matthew and Megan. Now with all three kids off to college, Roxanne finds herself with more time to volunteer in her community and church.  She feels blessed to have the flexibility to be there for her family and community. 

Roxanne has also established a staff to assist her in the efforts to provide excellent customer service. She is fully connected on line and via e-mail to accomplish the clients wishes.  Roxanne and her staff are here to make sure the clients goals are met.

Sharon Owens

Sharon Owens is the customer service administrator for Blade Financial. With more
than 20 years experience in the worlds of business and education, Sharon has a strong
eye for detail, maintaining systems and processes. In her support role over the last
three years at Blade Financial, her natural love for learning and helping people are the
aspects of her role she enjoys the most. Outside of work, Sharon enjoys spending time
with her husband and 3 children and volunteering in the community.

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