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With Gratitude...

With Gratitude...

November 10, 2023

📢 Did you know?

November is National Veterans and Military Families Month! It's the perfect time to educate ourselves about the challenges veterans and their families face while supporting organizations that provide assistance. 🤝 They have selflessly served our nation, protecting our freedoms and ensuring our safety. Let's spread awareness, share stories of resilience, and show our gratitude for their service. If you know someone who has served, call or text them to day "thank you." It may mean more than you know.

So, this November, let's come together to celebrate and recognize what has been offered by our veterans and military families. 🎗️ And in honor of their service and with an attitude of thanks, we are incredibly grateful to our veterans and their families for their sacrifices. 

Veterans Day is observed each year on November 11th.

A Little Bit of History…

Originally called Armistice Day in recognition of the end of World War I, the day was renamed Veterans Day in 1954 to recognize veterans of all wars. If you're a history buff who would like to learn more about this National holiday, you can read more background at the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs website. Click HERE.

What Can I Do?

Looking for a way to celebrate? You can attend a local parade honoring veterans, write letters of gratitude to service members, or volunteer at a veteran’s hospital or assisted living facility. A few minutes of your time can mean so much to others! 

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Enjoy Veteran's Day with your family and friends.