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What's Fueling Energy Prices?

What's Fueling Energy Prices?

November 01, 2022

With the Florida gas sales tax holiday expiring, it's a great time to focus on what's driving prices once again. The energy topic has been central to many conversations during the ongoing market volatility this year, and for a good reason. Oil and natural gas prices have fluctuated widely in recent years. Additionally, nearly every aspect of the average American’s day touches the energy industry, whether driving a vehicle or simply turning on a light switch. 

The Keys to Understanding Energy 

When seeking to learn more about energy price volatility and its impacts, it’s essential to understand some key areas:

  • Global Perspective
  • Supply and Demand
  • Production and Consumption
  • Inflation
  • Opportunity

Understanding these dynamics allows some clarity in an otherwise noisy environment. This informative white paper from Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management helps clarify the factors that impact energy prices and what those factors mean for consumers. It's well worth the few minutes to read over this informative overview.

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