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Traveling with the Furry Kids

Traveling with the Furry Kids

November 18, 2022

It’s always fun to hear our clients’ plans for vacations or trips to see family. During these conversations, we’ve noticed many consider bringing their pets along on the journey. With the cost of travel (both by car and by plane) reaching new highs, we wanted to share some tips to help save you money, keep your stress level low and avoid a crisis when traveling with beloved furbabies.

Thinking of Traveling By Car? 

The first tip is to research ahead of time and map out the best pet-friendly travel route. Whether you’re road-tripping to another city or flying to a faraway state, is an excellent resource for finding places to stay as well as restaurants that will welcome your pet when you get there! And by utilizing websites like this, you can compare the prices at different locations to get the best deals available.

Remember, a long road trip is a considerably different experience than driving around town for the day. These Top 18 Tips will help both you and your furry friends properly prepare for the trip! In addition, although there is a bit of overlap, this Pet MD Website also has helpful tips to consider.

While both websites focus mainly on dogs, it’s still a good summary of what you should consider for pets, in general, to keep them (and yourself) happy and safe.

What About Flying?

When it comes to traveling with pets, many pet owners find it simpler and less stressful to travel via car. But that’s not always an option. It’s becoming more common to fly with pets, and while most opt to have their furry friends accompany them inside the cabin, some have flown their pets below (in cargo) and wish they had been prepared for everything that entails.

The necessary arrangements for flying are much different than driving. It’s an even greater contrast when your pet is flying in cargo vs. the cabin. offers this comprehensive list of things to consider and do before, during, and after flying to ensure your pet is healthy and happy. 

If you’re planning to fly with a pet, read through the information thoroughly and far enough in advance to make the proper preparations.

Knowing what to expect can help you make the best choice for you and your pet.

Happy Traveling!