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The Top 5 Articles of Summer 2020

The Top 5 Articles of Summer 2020

August 03, 2020

Summer Is Almost Over!

With summer 2020 almost behind us, we have had so many ups and downs as well as unprecedented challenges to adapt to in the wake of COVID-19.

In light of the seriousness and at times overwhelming waves of information we have all waded through, I thought it might be nice to take a break from the “normal” routine and share some of the most read articles from Summer 2020 posted on my Blog.

See what other people considered to be the most “read-worthy” articles. So, if you missed it the first time around, you can catch up now! Each of the articles have the direct link to my website to read it there. 


Top 5 Most Read Blog Articles Summer 2020

  1. The Question Almost Everyone Asks Me
  2. Estate Management 101 (not a Blog post only an email from July 2020)
  3. Want to Reach Your Financial Goals?
  4. What is Your Plan?
  5. CARES ACT – Is Phase 4 Coming?


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