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The Most Popular Reads of 2021

The Most Popular Reads of 2021

June 11, 2021

Since I look at numbers for a living, I am always looking at data to see if I can spot a trend in the making. One of my favorite trends to analyze is what YOU like reading about when I send out my weekly emails. Your interests are at the center of my practice and what you are focused on is always a part of my vision as well. Take a few minutes and see what others considered to be the most "read worthy" articles from the first half of this year. See if you can spot the trend. 

In case you missed some of these the first time around, enjoy the recap and let me know your thoughts...C

Top 5 Most Read Articles for 2021

  1. The American Jobs Act 3 Potential Changes We Are Watching
  2. Can I Deduct My Work From Home Expenses
  3. The 6 Most Common Investing Mistakes
  4. Want to Retire Earlier, Here's How
  5. How to Protect Your Assets in 2021 and Beyond

So, What's the Trend?

The trend that I see is that you are obviously a switched on group of people who like to stay current on events and the factors that can affect your financial goals. Staying current on the events in the news and the impact on your investments and financial future is a vital component in today's world.

Feel free to reach out any time you have questions or worries about your investments. 

We all work hard for our assets, so it’s only natural to want to protect them.

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