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The Forecast Calls For...

The Forecast Calls For...

August 26, 2022

Don't you wish you knew what going to happen in the future? It would certainly make life easier and planning ahead seem like a breeze. But none of us have the ability to know exactly what's going to happen in the future. We simply have to equip ourselves with best possible information from the best possible sources. With that in mind, we reached out to City National Rochdale and have a group of panelists to help take some of the mystery of what may lie ahead with their overview of the markets and economic forecast.

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Wednesday, September 14th - 5:30PM

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featuring City National Rochdale's Chief Investment Officer, Tom Galvin and Senior Investment Consultant, Fidelma Farinas-Cobas. 

Tom and Fidelma will discuss the adjustments we are making to our strategic thinking and forecasts to reduce risks and lower volatility in our intelligently personalized portfolios.


If the market is moving and you’re feeling concerned, let’s connect to discuss what’s happening and what it means for you.

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