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Santa Claus Rally?

Santa Claus Rally?

December 03, 2021

It’s December, and we hope you’re as enthusiastic about this holiday season as we are! The pandemic caused and continues to make so many people to miss out on time and celebrations with family and friends. We hope this December safely reunites you with as many loved ones as possible so that you can carry out old traditions while making new, long-lasting memories.

If you’re spreading holiday cheer through mailed cards this month, you may find it interesting to know that this tradition dates all the way back to 1875! Louis Prang, a Polish immigrant, made the first commercially printed holiday greeting card in hopes of sharing the arts with the people of his new land. Just six years later, he was by all accounts printing over five million cards a year and is now referred to as the “Father of the American Christmas Card.”

Credit card spending tends to peak in December, so find creative ways to cut costs elsewhere! That way, you can help offset some expenses and prepare for January’s bills. One way to do this is by making simple adjustments around your home that may help lower utility expenses during the winter months - like opening the windows for the cooler air versus running your air conditioning year round. Take a minute to do a quick online search, and you’ll find many ways to decrease costs and free up cash.

Stocks tend to do well in December historically and is known as the “Santa Claus Rally!” The bullish trend may be attributed to end-of-year tax considerations, investing year-end bonuses, or simply just looking ahead to the new year.

As we close out the year, please know that we are so grateful to have clients like you and look forward to what’s ahead in 2022!

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