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Milestone Moments

Milestone Moments

May 26, 2023

Life happens fast and your finances can take a backseat if you’re not careful. Is it time to consider talking with a financial professional? Over the next few posts, I want to look at the 4 most common milestone moments that can impact you money and financial situation. Stay tuned as we cover each of the 4 main categories to see if any of these describe your current situation.

Unexpected Life Changes

The most common situations that happen are divorce, job transitions, or the sudden loss of a spouse. Obviously, you can't plan ahead for any of these, but you can make a plan to help you navigate through it.  Each of these scenarios can mean a big change to your financial circumstances. An experienced financial planner can help you to analyze your current situation and advise you of your options to navigate through it.

Do you find yourself facing a divorce? If you or someone you know finds yourself facing divorce, then join me and a panel of 2 other professionals as we are Discussing Divorce. We will be answering some of the most commonly asked questions regarding divorce.

For more information or to register for the event – please use this link -

***Not sure if you can attend the live event? That’s ok, simply register for the event, and we’ll send the replay to your to watch at a more convenient time***

If you have questions about your current financial situation, please reach out and schedule time with me. 

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