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Keeping Your Eyes on the Goal

Keeping Your Eyes on the Goal

September 06, 2022

As the year continues to push forward and the only certainty seems to be uncertainty, many of us experience periodic fatigue from negative headlines and the unpredictable future. Staying disciplined when weary is difficult but crucial to short-term financial wellness and long-term financial success.

So, follow these guidelines to maintain your focus:

Don’t fixate on market swings.

If you have a solid strategy that addresses market volatility, do the right things regardless of how the market acts. That’s not to say you shouldn’t regularly reevaluate your risk levels or consider rebalancing your portfolio, but don’t make decisions based on emotion. And don’t try to time the market; few who do succeed.

Invest prudently.

The natural human tendency is to buy lots of stock when prices are rising and to stop buying altogether when prices are on the down swing. But some stock prices may provide a good value if the market drops, and you’ll be able to buy more for the same amount of money. Just remember, it’s generally best not to purchase equities unless you can keep them a minimum of five years.

Thinking about purchasing a different home in a year or two? This may be a good time for some improvement projects on your current home. Most realtors agree you’ll likely recoup these investments: a new garage or front door, a minor kitchen remodel, or updating a bathroom.

Increase your savings.

When we’re stressed, it’s natural to buy something fun. But try to keep splurges small and make the most of unique opportunities to save in the current situation. If you’re working from home, you’re likely spending less on gas and clothes. In your free time, you’re probably spending less on dining out, movies, concerts and travel. Try to see how much more you can put in savings because of reduced spending.

Use your time wisely.

Improve your culinary skills and reap rewards for years to come as you save on prepared food costs, eat healthier and entertain economically. Earn a professional certification or take a class to improve your desirability as an employee. Or, develop skills and a network to start a business or side gig.

Even difficult times can present real opportunities.

If you’re looking for or considering ways to thrive in the midst of the current economic trends, give our office a call or connect with us HERE for your dedicated free consultation.