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Holistic Financial Planning Matters

Holistic Financial Planning Matters

February 28, 2023

One of the key buzz words you tend to hear often now is "holistic." It's become a popular term not only because of its relevance but is especially true when thinking about your finances. For example, you want to make sure that you’re not only planning for the vacations of your dreams, but that you’re also doing everything you can to protect your legacy.

Simply put, plugging in your age and financial information into a program may not give you the outcomes you want to meet your financial goals.

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What can I do right now?

If you're not sure where to start, schedule a free consultation to talk about your financial picture, and let's talk about your best next steps to get your financial picture to better reflect your unique goals.

What about my family and loved ones?

Another good place to consider with holistic financial planning is making sure that your will and beneficiaries on accounts are up to date. Circumstances change and life happens, so making a note in your calendar to do this every year is a good way to stay on top of it. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, consider establishing a trust. A trust is a useful legal document that can help your loved ones avoid probate, protect the privacy of the trust owner and beneficiaries, and potentially minimize estate taxes. If your net worth is at least $100,000 and you own real estate, then a trust may make sense.

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