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Healthy Green Budgets

Healthy Green Budgets

April 16, 2021

You can’t grow a healthy lawn if it’s choked with weeds! Whether it’s a wine club, a streaming service, or a discount flight finder, subscription services have propagated over the last few years. Try these three ideas to rip out unwanted subscriptions to keep your budget green and healthy!

Little changes can make up to a big impact, especially over time.

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Little Things to Look Out for...

Keep or cut the cord. You’ve no doubt noticed media coverage of the cord-cutting trend, as well as the rise of streaming services. The global adoption of Netflix no doubt kicked off these trends, which have accelerated recently. With so many streaming services to choose from now, it’s easy to have your monthly entertainment bill meet or exceed your old cable bill! Go through your budget to find all your entertainment subscriptions and add them up. Based on the total, see if it makes sense to keep them all, cut a few, or cut them all.

Meal delivery services. Preparing your own meals with ingredients purchased at the local grocery store is cheaper but takes more time. Meals-in-a-box services like Blue Apron, Home Chef, HelloFresh, and Purple Carrot have all sprouted up over the last few years to compete with established companies like Nutrisystem and WeightWatchers. These services can help you save money if you eat at restaurants frequently (over three times a week) but can add up quickly. If you subscribe to more than one, pick your favorite and cancel the rest. The same goes for wine clubs!

Choose your news. Some premium or add-on subscription services can look like their parent subscription. Audible is a good example. Ever since Amazon acquired Audible, they seem to push the audiobook subscription service at every opportunity! Audible’s monthly subscription cost is close to Amazon Prime’s monthly rate, so read your statements closely. Other news and information subscriptions often have low introductory rates that increase later on. Newspapers, online magazines, and other news and information subscriptions can quickly add up! Pick your favorite and cancel the rest.

Take a close look at your monthly budget to find any recurring subscription fees. Be sure to cancel any recurring charges you don’t recognize or if you don’t intend to continue the service. If you’re stuck choosing between one or the other, try searching the internet for third-party comparisons.

Keep that budget healthy and green!