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Grads, Dads & Food Trucks

Grads, Dads & Food Trucks

May 31, 2022

It’s hard to believe we’re nearly half-way through 2022! As kids and grandkids finish the school year, it’s surprising how the days seem to get busier in addition to getting longer. June officially starts the summer season, and it's a great time to slow down a little and focus on a few of the important highlights for the month: Graduations, Father's Day and Food Trucks!

I hope you take some time to relax, enjoy the summer months, and take care of some of those projects you may have put off!

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Graduations & New Horizons

As the summer rolls in, so do the invitations for high school graduations! If you have a college-bound student in your life, use the summer months to help them work on a spending budget for college. It’s an opportunity for them to take an important step towards learning how to manage their money and develop good spending habits that will carry them throughout their life.

Talk openly with them regarding all of the college expenses they should anticipate, who will pay for what, and whether the decision to open a credit card to cover any spending gaps would be a beneficial or destructive financial decision for them. Communication is everything! If you have questions, reach out and connect with me.

Celebrate Fathers

Don’t forget, Father’s Day is June 19th! For some gift ideas, check out this great idea list. Whether you’re attempting to tug on some heart strings with something sentimental or poke at a funny bone with humor, there are gift ideas to fulfill every wish and fit every budget. Some even offer free, two-day shipping!

Foodies Unite

For anyone itching to try some delicious grub, June 24th is National Food Truck Day! Food truck owners make our communities more delicious and more diverse. As small business owners, they drive (pun intended) job creation, increased tax base, product diversity and more. Check one out if you can! Use this food truck finder website to find all of the food trucks nearby.

Wishing you a wonderful month, full of summer celebrations and great eats!