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For Parents Who Like to $ave

For Parents Who Like to $ave

July 20, 2023

With most of the summer behind us, our attention begins to shift to back to school and preparing for the school year. Whether it's college or grade school, here are a few of our favorite money saving tips to help those who have children heading back to school.

Please share this with your family and friends as an easy reference guide to some helpful links. 

📚 Be Prepared

Start making a list of the basic items that you know your child will need and then have a second list for things they may want. Once you have a good list together, make a rough estimate of the costs that will be associated with each item. Does it fall within with your current budget or will you need to think about how to pay for the additional expenses?

Do you have a good working budget? If not, reach out and make some time to chat with me about how to get started.

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Remember, work to stay within your budget! All the money you will save (by not overspending) can be used for other school related expenses incurred during the year or to start a educational savings account for the future.

Which brings us to the next area...

😎 Shop Victoriously

There are so many choices available now to help offset some of the expense of back to school shopping. The obvious choice that many people use is online shopping for 2 main reasons - less stress and price comparisons. Sites like Amazon, or using cash back sites such as Rakuten, or even using browser extensions help you shop for the best deals using available online coupons and discounts that can really help to save money along the way.

Not sure how to add a browser extension or what one even is?

Check out this article from CNBC to help explain what and how to use them -CLICK HERE

💸 Use It or Lose It

For my Florida families, Florida now offers a private school voucher program for both primary and secondary school aged students. On July 1st, the new law took effect and means a significant reduction in the cost for parents who would like to send their children to private schools. If you would like more information on the specifics, there are 2 organizations which manage the state's program, please see the links below to get more information on how to apply.

Step Up for Students

AAA Scholarship Foundation

🌴 Last But Not Least

Each state has a Sales Tax Holiday for various school related items (some states have a few additional categories as well). In Florida, for back to school savings, ours runs from July 24, 2023 to Aug. 6, 2023. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity, it's like getting a 6% (and in some counties even more) discount. 

Check out this helpful list for each state and the corresponding State Sales Tax Holiday - CLICK HERE

I'm always available to chat about any concerns you may have about your financial well being. Please reach out, I'm here to help.

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