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Expected Change

Expected Change

June 02, 2023

Planning ahead for an anticipated milestone moment is one of the simple joys in life. Some of the more common events people plan for and anticipate are a new baby, new marriage, or buying a new home to name a few. But even though you are as prepared as you can be for the milestone moment, these new adventures can bring put a twist on your financial plans.

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Where Can I Start?

First and foremost, utilizing a budget is essential to always know where you stand financially. In a survey from, 86% of respondents used a budget, and 40% of respondents used a budget to increase wealth or savings. It’s still the best financial tool out there! If you don’t have one, now is the time to commit to the budgeting habit. And if you do have a budget, updating it annually is important.

Your income, needs, and wants change, so you must adjust your budget accordingly. 

What Comes Next?

How much is in your emergency fund? Is it enough? Odds are, whatever you put aside may have been tapped into while getting ready for your milestone moment.

Rebalancing your financial life includes adjusting your emergency fund. Generally, you’ll want three to six months of expenses set aside in liquid assets (like cash or money markets). But everybody’s situation is different. 

Having a financial professional’s perspective can help navigate through life's crucial milestone moments.

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If you find yourself or know of someone facing a divorce, plan to attend my upcoming Q&A Panel as we talk about how to create a plan to navigate through it. You can register for the event by using the following link to my events page - CLICK HERE