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Don't Panic - A Bull Case for Equities

Don't Panic - A Bull Case for Equities

May 20, 2022

It’s hard to ignore current news about persistent market volatility, and we’re guessing this has resulted in some anxiety about what (if anything) you should be doing. Please be assured that we are actively monitoring the market as well as your accounts.

We’d also like to share with you the latest Market Analysis from Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management, “Don’t Panic – a Bull Case for Equities.”

It helps explain why staying the course is so important and suggests – based on historical performance and underlying fundamentals – that a rebound is likely to occur sooner rather than later. Below are a few highlights from the report, however we recommend you take the time to read the full analysis, your estimated read time is less than 3 minutes.

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A Brief Overview of the Ladenburg Market Analysis: 

PLEASE NOTE: Clicking on the link above will give you the full article. Below are only snippets of the report.

Both stocks and bonds are off to one of their worst starts to the year in history. The current environment has left investors feeling like there is nowhere to hide, and even prompted some to exit markets or go to cash. We want to explain why such a rash response could likely lead investors to miss out on an eventual rebound in stocks. Historical equity performance post-corrections, as well as strong underlying economic fundamentals, suggest a bounce back in stocks will occur sooner rather than later. (Read the Overview section for more specifics)

Beyond historical performance supporting a second half rally in stocks, the critical fundamentals underlying the U.S. economy remain quite strong. Resilient demand, healthy corporate and consumer financial positioning, and rising earnings can act as shock absorbers through the volatility market observers expect to persist in the near- to medium-term. (Read The Bull Case for Markets : Strong Economic Fundamentals for more specifics)

Importantly, attempting to time the market by exiting existing positions and re-entering a perceived “safer” environment, generally leaves shareholders much worse off. Investors are best served by sticking to a plan, weathering market downturns with smart, risk-adjusted asset allocations, and holding on through the turnaround as the most significant gains are captured in initial market rebounds. (Read The Bull Case for Markets : Strong Economic Fundamentals for more specifics)

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