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Do You Really Need Insurance?

Do You Really Need Insurance?

April 19, 2022

In my experience, people seem to have a bit of confusion about life and disability insurance. Many think they don’t need it, that it’s too expensive, or they don’t understand how it works and so they don’t bother with it. The truth is, if there are people in your life who depend on you and your income—a spouse, children, parents, other loved ones, even a business partner—you need insurance. If you die or become disabled, good insurance planning can keep an emotional loss from being worsened by a personal financial crisis.

How comfortable are you with your current insurance situation?

If you need some advice or help in picking a policy that suits your needs, please reach out now.

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So, What Do I Need to Consider?

Insurance in general is more versatile than you might realize. Beyond covering funeral costs or replacing lost income if something happens to you, insurance can help pay for your child’s education, fund a trust for your beneficiaries, serve as an investment within your retirement portfolio, fill your retirement accounts, or even cover business overhead expenses. But if you don’t know about all the options, you can’t take advantage of them.

Insurance coverage changes frequently, and new policy types come out all the time. As a Certified Financial Planner, I will help you pick a plan that best fits your situation and let’s connect soon to review your insurance portfolio and see if your coverage is still adequate and appropriate for your situation today.

Let's get the people in your life who depend on you protected!