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3 Steps to Take Now

3 Steps to Take Now

January 03, 2022

Welcome 2022! The new year is a great time to create – or revise – your financial plan for the future. Take these three simple steps to help ensure you’re ready for whatever the coming months may bring. There’s a lot to keep in mind when the new year hits. Don’t let this 3 step list overwhelm you.

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Your 3 Simple Steps....

 Step 1: Review the Past Year

Sometimes the best way to look forward is to first review the past. What progress did you make last year toward your financial goals? What setbacks did you have?

Did any major life events occur that prompted a change in your finances? Some examples of major life events include buying or selling a home, leaving or starting a new job, welcoming a child or grandchild, celebrating marriage (or remarriage) or finalizing a divorce, and more. You did a lot last year; take a moment to reflect!

Step 2: Determine This Year’s Goals

Let’s think about the year ahead. Do you have any major expenses like a vacation, college tuition, long-term care facility expenses, or anticipated legal costs coming up?

Step 3: Do a Little Homework

Look at what you have on the 2022 agenda and think about the paperwork you may need to make it happen. Do you have all your login and password information for your financial sites? Are your beneficiaries up to date?

If refinancing for a lower mortgage rate or buying a new home is in the cards, make sure you have all of your current mortgage, insurance, and other housing information together and easily accessible.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure your budget, automatic savings, and long-term investment strategies are aligned with your 2022 goals.

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There’s a lot to keep in mind when the new year hits. Don’t let this list overwhelm you.

We’re here to help! Contact our office to schedule your annual review as you prepare for the year ahead.