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Compelling Story

People sometimes ask me "what do you do" and I would have to say that consider myself a partner in my clients' quest for financial balance and independence.  What does that mean exactly?   Many of my clients are women, families and small businesses who have taken on the task of being responsible for managing their money.   Although very competent in other areas of their lives, some people tend to struggle with the confidence they need to manage their money responsibly.  This lack of confidence creates a vulnerability that usually leads to hasty decisions.   What is interesting is that it doesn’t matter how they became solely responsible for the assets; many share the same three concerns!  

1- Will I have enough money for my lifetime?
2- Am I doing the right thing with my money?
3- Who do I turn to when I have questions?

Once someone asks themselves one or all three of these questions, I can become a resource that can help them take control and feel confident in their future.  I do this by following a 3 step process of financial planning which includes: Establishing a Relationship, Gathering Data, and Evaluating Financial Status.  Once this process is complete then and only then can we move forward to setting the plan into action.  This process gives me and the client time to really get to know each other.  It also allows me time to listen to their dreams, goals and concerns.  This gives me the opportunity to help them figure out in a holistic manner what needs to be done to attain those goals.